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Your charitable donations provide resources that Badges of America will use to implement programs that provide support to those that serve our community and country daily to keep us safe. Let’s come together and say “Thank You”. Thank you for serving my community, thank you for keeping my country safe, thank you for giving me the security in knowing that when I dial 911 I know someone will rush to my side and provide a helping hand no matter what time of day or night.

Did you know that 76% of the nation’s firefighters are volunteers, 68% of first responders have second jobs as a necessity, 27% of paramedics have some form of PTSD, and in 2014 $84 million dollars worth of food-stamps were used in military commissaries? Any amount will be used to lessen the burdens of these heroes and will show them your appreciation for the work they do.

By making a donation, you will be joining with a group of individuals who's goal is to make life a little easier for the families that protect our communities. And it’s not just financial donations we request…If you have the ability to provide lawn maintenance to a deployed soldiers residence, lend a helping hand to a disabled veteran, when you see a policeman/fireman/EMS professional at a restaurant buy their meal, or simply say thank you if you pass them on the street.

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