Why should any of the family members of deployed soldiers have to worry about lawn or house maintenance? Shouldn’t the ones making the sacrifices have free education? In what society should a homeless veteran be without a place to lay their head? Isn’t it a shame that the majority of first responders feel as though they HAVE to work a second job to make ends meet? Luck with online casino bonus can all your dreams come true in a short time and couple of clicks! How is it fair that the families of these individuals that support and love them unconditionally aren’t afforded the same benefits? Please volunteer to help Badges of America and donate to better the lives of first responders and military personnel, along with their family members. but it’s not just financial donations that we are asking for. If you cant afford to give a financial donation then give your time. If time is out of the question with your busy schedule then give a hand, fist bump, high-five, salute, or simply say thank you when you see someone in uniform.

Volunteers are always welcome as we will rely greatly on volunteers to help with special events. If you would like more information about Badges of America, would like to learn how to become a volunteer, or have expertise that you feel could be of assistance to our mission please contact us.

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